JOB Interview Experience of IBPS PO Candidate

IBPS PO Interview Experience Of One Of Our students

Member 1, Member 2, Member 3 and Member 4. Female Member 5
Good evening sirs, good evening mam.
M2: Your Name?
M2: Your Name is a bit different?
Candidate: Yes sir
M2: Tell me about your qualifications.
Candidate: I am …..
M2: Why don’t you go for teaching, why banking?
Candidate: Sir it is my desire because many people in the family are in banks.
M2: Private sector banks do not take such qualifications. Only public sector banks take. Are you comfortable working in a public sector bank?
Candidate: Yes sir, I am comfortable with working in a public sector bank.
M2: What are different types of banks?
Candidate: Explained the full chart. They told that IDBI is no more a development bank.
Candidate: Okay sir.
M2: Okay what is universal banking?
Candidate: Sorry sir, i don’t know.
M2: Do you know about IMF and world bank? What is the difference between them?
Candidate: Explained the details.
M2: Do IMF Give loans?
Candidate: Explained
M3(sardaar ji): (Your name) quite interesting. Ye name kahan se aaya?
Candidate: sir my grandfather kept it.
M3: nahiii, aaya kaha se hai?
Candidate: Sir, french name hai. Is ka meaning Grace hota hai.
M3: No, do you know it is a negative name. There was a novel “(name of a novel)”. A character of your name was in that novel. It was a negative character. So, it is not a good name.
Candidate: smiled.
M2: Arey sir, ye wo novel character nahi hai. Ye accha wala character hai. Everybody laughed.
M2: What are your hobbies?
Candidates: sir, my hobbies are swimming, doing yoga and dancing.
M2: Good.
M3: Joga
Me: yes sir, yoga.
They smiled.
M5: Okay, thank you.
Candidate: thank you, sir, thank you, mam.

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