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How To Crack SSC ChSl Prelims Exam In One Month – Here Are The Secrets

Following are the steps to achieve success in your prelims exam


I Need A Plan
The study schedule is the key to your success. You have for example now 22 days in hand. What should you do to qualify the exam?
You do not have just 22 days. If you study 12 hours each day now for next 22 days you have 264 hours of study time available.
You can plan your subjects accordingly to the hours you should put to each topic with revision.


What to Study?
For any exam to be successful given, follow the syllabus and weight of each topic in the syllabus.
There are 4 broad, subjects to study in CHSL–
1. General Intelligence
2. English Language
3. Quantitative Aptitude
4. General Awareness

General Intelligence

I Think and Solve
Looking at the past papers you can expect 4-6 questions on analogy
1 question on Blood relation, 4-5 questions on classification
4-5 questions on series, 1-2 questions on Venn diagrams
1-2 questions on Coding decoding, 2-4 question on puzzles
1-2 question on alphabet and word test 1-2 questions on non verbal reasoning
1 question on Verbal reasoning and 1-2 question on Distance and Direction.
So in total, you can expect 27 – 30 questions on Reasoning.

English Language

English is my favourite
Your English language section previous years talks about 5 questions on cloze test, 4 questions on synonym antonym
2 questions on spelling, 2-3 question on phrase and idioms, 0-7questions on reading comprehension, & 1-2 questions on active passive
1 question on direct indirect speech, 2-3 questions on para jumble
7-8 questions on error spotting
So in total you can expect 25 – 30 question on the English language

Quantitative aptitude

I am Good At Calculations
In Quant you can expect 4-5 questions on data interpretation
3-4 question on algebra, 2-3 questions on Geometry, 2-4 questions on Mensuration
2-3 questions on trigonometry, 1-2 questions on profit and loss
1-2 questions on ratio and proportion, 1-2 questions on simplification
1 question on interest, 1-2 questions on speed and time & 1 question on percentage
1 question on number system & 1 question on Average
So you can expect – 20 – 25 questions on Quantitative Aptitude

General Awareness

I know What’s going around me
This section has generally 10 – 13 questions covering History, Geography, Economy, Polity, Current Events, Culture, and the world.
Thus all in all – the key focus areas are – Analogy, Classification, Series and Puzzles, Cloze test, Synonym Antonym, Error Spotting, Data Interpretation, Algebra, Mensuration, Trigonometry etc.


Online Mock Test Lab is my selection Key
The Key to Selection is Online Mock Test Model test papers can give a knockout punch to your preparation or you can knock out the examination with your mock preparation.
Mock tests by any institute are well-strategized tests based on previous years and think tank of the Institute.
Those tests help you to try out all permutations and combinations of generating a winning formula.
For example – Someone who is good in Quantitative aptitude and reasoning but weak in English should look for at least covering up the at least sectional cutoff and score high enough to clear overall cutoff.
A famous quotation by Abraham Lincoln says – Give me two hours to cut the tree, I will take 6 hours to sharpen the Axe.
Here your 1 hour for the mock test examination should be followed by the 6 hours of follow-on analysis so that with every mock you improve your speed and accuracy.
There is no point in giving more and more mock tests if you do not do the mock test analysis after every exam.


I Study, Prepare and Learn Well
Nothing is difficult if you desire it from the core of the heart and ready to prepare for it.
You do not have Just 22 days but 264 hours in hand.
Focus on key topics to give the best shot and Do focus on mock tests.

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